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Couple Shooting

If my house caught fire and I could rescue only one thing, it would be my photo album. It‘s full of memories with my boyfriend and family. Believe me, when I say that photos are the greatest treasure. It‘s a time capsule. We capture your current togetherness with many photos, so you can always look back to those days in the following years.


You plan a suprise-proposal and want to capture the reaction? I‘m definitely up for it! Let‘s make a little plan and talk about all possibilities. Or you are already engaged (Congratulations!!) and still need photos for your wedding invitation? With a bottle of sparkling wine we celebrate your engagement and your upcoming big day! 

Wedding & Elopement

A spontaneous wedding just between you two, a huge celebration right out of the movie or a teeny-tiny wedding with just a handful of your closest relatives. That‘s up to you. This is your day and not anyone else's! You don‘t have to please anyone, because it‘s your marriage. However it will be, I‘d be honored to be by your side.

Never be afraid to show emotions. Emotions are communication.

And communication is key. Be sensible, be fragile, be emotional

– this is an open space for your feelings and your story.

A book filled with kindness

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All gender identities and sexualities are welcome! 
LGBTQ+ friendly, BIPOC inclusive.

All skin colors & body sizes are welcome.  

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