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invest in love to invest in life

I‘m the right photographer for those

who truly cherish love & life. 

Give me all your feelings and emotions. You. Can. Trust. Me. I will soak up your emotions like a sponge and probably cry – actually I can‘t even say how often I cried during ceremony or speeches as I felt so so happy for my couples.

I care about your well-being and your photos, because photos are sacre. I also care about having a good time with you. Can‘t believe how lucky I am when "customer-ship" turns into friendship. Giving too many hugs, sharing too many drinks, also your #1 cheerleader and an open book to vulnerability. Cherish love. Cherish life. Because...

... isn‘t it the greatest thing to find love?

Emotional, cinematic & adventurous

 photography packages




Moody couple- and wedding photography. This is what I do with all of my heart. And that‘s the reason why we create your individual couple shoot concept together during a video call. Location, outfit, timetable – let me help you to draw a vision that fits to your relationship. 

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500 €

An adventure

with you.

I don‘t want my couples to pose, worry about an angle or the camera. My wish is that you can feel like yourself and do the things you always do, no matter if it‘s visiting a city, cuddling in bed or a picnic in the woods. Your photo shoot should be both, an exciting adventure and a natural safe-space.

So tell me about your relationship - how you met, how you fell in love, what you like about your better half and many more details that lead us to your perfect photo shoot surrounding. I will follow you and also travel to your home destination if you wish. France, Italy, Spain, Portugal, Germany – every country has a lot to offer to make your couple shoot an adventurous couple memory.

A suprise!

Captured for eternity.

On Instagram I did a survey whether people would like a huge proposal in public or a small one with just the two of you. To my surprise the answer was, "A proposal with just the two of us AND a photographer to capture this unique moment in our life."

Something you experience with the person you love for one single time. And all of this will happen and pass within a few seconds. Although you most likely will say that you‘ll remember this moment forever – you won‘t. It sounds harsh, but your brain isn‘t able to store every situation clearly and without restrictions for eternity. That happens, unfortunately, with all moments in our life, but I‘m able to build a time machine and let you relive these moments. My time machine is called "photo".




Let‘s have a video call to talk about your secret proposal, your vision and wishes. I‘ll have my camera ready, hiding behind the bushes to capture your moment. Or you can use your engagement shoot for your wedding invitations and a relaxed session just for you two before the wedding. In both cases I‘ll bring the sparkling wine bottle – that‘s for sure!


600 €




Just attending your wedding and talking about the timetable one week prior isn‘t for me. I want to build a relationship, because II truly care about you and your wedding day. We will have at least three talks and if necessary a location visit to create your optimal timetable, find other providers, hand out a checklist and pass on advices.


2.400 €

Do it as you want.

But with love.

It makes me sad when a couple celebrates their love in a way they don‘t want, but their families and friends expect them to do. If your family really cares for your well-being they will support you in your wedding-day-decisions, no matter if your celebration of love is just between you two on a mountain or in a huge setting with hundreds of guests. Your love. Your celebration. 

However it will be, I‘d be honored to go some steps with you on your lifepath. Often "client-ship" turns into friendship, often one "we-did-it-drink" turns into a few more and often I receive pregnancy- and baby photos afterwards. <3 Chemistry should be right for us, since we spend some time together.

Get your clothes


On your wedding day you often have limited time and location spots for your couple photos, but there is an adventurous and individual solution for that: an After Wedding Shoot. There are no limits! Put your wedding outfit on and let‘s travel to another country, on a mountain or to a lake, let‘s sit in a bathtub, stand under a waterfall, read letters, lay on the ground and get your clothes dirty to have an adventurous memory to hold on!

Of course not only freshly married couples are more than welcome to put on their wedding outfits! An anniversary is perfect to renew vows, talk about the last couple of years and the future you‘d like to share. 




Put on your wedding outfits & swing your beautiful booties in front of my camera, no matter if you are married for two days or twenty years. You should be allowed to fully enjoy a relaxed photo shoot with no pressure or location limits. In a video call we discuss your ideas and create a shooting surrounding that fits to your relationship. Read your vows, write letters and I bring the wine!


600 €

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All gender identities and sexualities are welcome! 
LGBTQ+ friendly, BIPOC inclusive.

All skin colors & body sizes are welcome.  

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