Austrian & Wedding Photographer


"In both cases is your body worth a respectful and kind handling."

Here in Austria we enjoy the last couple of summer days – overwhelming heat changed to some rainy days and pullover-evenings. Every year in September and October, when my cup-of-tea-a-day-season starts, my thoughts drift to all the hot summer shootings and weddings I enjoyed that year.

To be honest, I don‘t have it very often that a couple gets into the water. Common reasons are insecurity and shyness. And you know what? I understand and I feel the same. When M & J had their water shoot I couldn‘t even get out of my trousers (although I wore a bikini underneath) because I felt too insecure about it. When I tell you in our pre-photoshoot-talk, "We only do things you feel confident about.", I mean it, because this feeling of insecurity pulls you in so many directions that you wouldn‘t be able to concentrate on anything else. If you feel comfortable in being naked or in a bikini I have my camera ready to capture your confidence, and if you feel more comfortable in being fully dressed I still have my camera ready to capture that confidence! Just keep in mind: In both cases is your body worth a respectful and kind handling.

M & J got into the water and I‘m still so thankful for their trust and their time they gave me to develop ideas with this element. I love how silence and sound are both represented throughout this shoot.